Beatles Rock Band: Hands-on and image gallery

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Anyone familiar with Rock Band will recognise the format – and as members of the Beatles, you still have to play your way to success, following the story of the band, from early gigs at the Cavern Club right through to their famous rooftop concert, via Abbey Road, Ed Sullivan, the Budokan and the Shea Stadium.

And anyone who's played either Rock Band or Guitar Hero will be used to the gameplay – it's exactly the same. There's an area to practise Ringo's drumbeats called Beatles Beats – useful, as I am as handy on the drums as a koala with ADD.

If you want to jam for a bit, you can choose from 45 classic Beatles tracks in single track mode, while more are available to download from the Beatles: Rock Band Music Store.

But it’s the added Beatle-y extras that will bring this game to life for fans of the band – enter story mode and the iconic venues, clothing and clips immerse you in the world and journey of the band, while the never-before-heard audio chat and dreamscape visuals that compliment the Abbey Road sessions will thrill die-hard Beatles fans.

If you do plump for the £180 Premium Bundle, you'll even get a Höfner Violin Bass, Rickenbacker 325 and Gretsch Duo Jet guitars and Ludwig Pearl finish dum set, complete with that famous logo.


And for brave songbirds and those with extra mics you can even take on the famous three-part harmonies mastered by the Fab Four – be warned, you’re going to need a good ear and very understanding neighbours.

Of course, there's also the option to hook up with Beatles fans worldwide with Xbox Live – you can play with up to five other band members.


This addition to the Rock Band franchise is going to be a massive family hit – the fact that all the songs are instantly recogniseable and the lyrics are easily retreived from your memory, means that its appeal will be much broader that the usual party pleaser rock games.

This coupled with the neat touches and great visuals that bring the band's story to life, we predict this the Beatles may just score yet another Christmas Number One…