Asus outs Skype–backed Eee Videophone

With the Eee Keyboard, Eee Top and Eee Box all being spun out of the original and best Eee PC, Asus has a habit of wringing their hottest brand dry. A

Officially supported by Skype, this new blower is designed for making those all important video calls using VoIP, but without having to resort to a PC. It packs an Eee PC 700 matching 7in screen, along with a microphone, speaker and webcam so you can natter away using the in–built Wi–Fi or Ethernet.

It doesn't need to be plugged in either, running off a rechargable battery. However it last a mere 20 minutes, with the Videophone itself costing a massive £220 too. So surely the question has to be, why bother with this, when you can get a basic Eee PC for the same price and use the webcam on that to make video calls? Hmmm.

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Asus Eee Videophone

Price: £220

On sale: Now

Contact: Asus