Apple's Magic Mouse and wireless keyboard updates coming soon

The refresh is long overdue

Apple has recently made two filings with the FCC that show a new version of the Magic Mouse and its wireless keyboard.

The Magic Mouse will be called the Magic Mouse 2 and it doesn't seem to have changed much outwardly - but then the filings only display the underside of the device, so it's possible that there's some incredible new function or feature that's lurking on the top.

What is apparent is that the mouse will no longer need AA batteries, but instead be rechargeable via USB. A welcome move, we think you'll agree.

As to the wireless keyboard, it looks to be sleeker than the current model - reminiscent of the thinner design of the new 12in Macbook.

When will these devices come out? Probably next month, when we're expecting new iMacs to launch, or perhaps a little later in the year in the run up to Christmas shopping time. So if you were planning on buying the current Magic Mouse and wireless keyboard setup, it might be wise to hold fire for a while longer.

[Source: Digitaltrends]