Apple iTV rumour round-up

Apple's planning to launch one TV to rule them all – here’s what we know about the Apple iTV

Apple is out to rule the living room as the one-stop solution to all your entertainment needs – and Cupertino has its sights on the TV.

At the moment the internet is awash with rumours – we know an Apple TV set (or Apple iTV?) is on its way and it’s set to revolutionise how we watch programming. Apple has been bidding on broadcasting rights, integrating Siri voice controls into a TV set and – of course – working on super high-resolution displays.

As yet there's no concrete info on a release date – but it looks like 2012 could be the year of Apple TV. Here’s what we know so far.

- Apple testing out television designs

- Apple in talks with cable providers for Apple TV

- Apple iTV to be US-only at launch?

- No Apple iTV until 2014?

- Apple iTV coming this September?

- Apple iTV to be called iPanel?

- Apple iTV coming in 2013?

- Apple iTV coming with super bright colours?

- Has production started on the Apple iTV?

- Apple iTV future hinted by CEO Tim Cook

- Apple iTV is being tested already

- Apple iTV pops up as 40in HDTV in Best Buy survey

- Steve Wozniak predicts Apple iTV plans

- Apple's iTV will be 50in and designed by Jonathan Ive

- Apple to bid for Premier League coverage rights?

- Apple TV hack shows off iOS apps running at 720p

- Apple iTV plans leaked

- Apple iTV to come in three sizes in 2012

- Apple TV out for Christmas 2012

- iPad 3 and Apple TV to get Sharp LCD displays?

- Apple TV with Siri could be coming sooner than you thought

- Siri set to power Apple TV

- Apple's Jeff Robbin is heading Apple TV project

- Jobs 'cracked' Apple TV