Apple iRadio could launch next week

A deal has been finalised with Warner Music that’s timed perfectly for a WWDC unveil of iRadio next week
Apple iRadio

Apple has closed a deal with Warner Music that could mean we see its streaming iRadio service unveiled at WWDC next week.

The Pandora-like radio service has been on the cards for some time as Apple negotiated with the three big music labels. So far the fruit giant has got Warner and Universal signed up with Sony still debating a few finer points. Apple plans to add audio advertising to the service to make more money for the big labels who already take 70 per cent of sales on iTunes.

iRadio will mean you can listen to unlimited music and even rewind tracks, which Pandora won’t allow. It’ll also be international and will let you to buy songs at a click. Expect to see iRadio announced on June 10th at WWDC.

[via CNET