Apple hacked

Even Steve Jobs in his iVory tower isn’t safe from the Lulzsec hacking team

If hackers today were the equivalent of robbers of olde, Lulzsec (the PlayStation Network invaders) would be Robin Hood and their campaign, AntiSec would be their robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. However, they simply invade the servers of the rich and powerful to steal the information of the masses – not quite as helpful to the little man as Robin Hood was. A recent tweet from @AnonymousIRC that linked to a PasteBin claimed that the team have hacked an Apple server – in this instance just one of their Business Intelligence Group survey machines. But Lulzsec say that Apple could be a full target in the future. How they chose targets or why is unclear. At least the Fox News hack was a bit of a joke claiming Obama was dead – on the fourth of July, tut tut.


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