Apple employees made to work on fake products to test their loyalty

Looks like the greenhorns at Cupertino are put through their paces long after the interview process is over

Apple’s interview process is as tough as you would expect it to be, given that it is one of the world’s largest tech companies with a fierce focus on secrecy.

Now Adam Lashinsky, author of Inside Apple has revealed in a LinkedIn interview that people are "hired into dummy positions where they are not really sure what it is they’re doing", in a bid to determine their trustworthiness.

The thought of people working on bogus iProducts seems rather surreal – after all, why pay people to work on something that will never exist – but we have to admit it sounds like a sneakily effective way on keeping tabs on loose-lipped tech boffins without spilling any big secrets.

It didn’t stop the iPhone 4 from being left in a bar mind, but overall it shows the great lengths that Apple takes to ensure that its iProducts remain shrouded in secrecy till their big stage debuts.

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