Apple could incorporate Kinect-like motion sensors in future iPhones

Touching screens is so last year. The boffins at Cupertino are moving on to air-swiping navigation

Apple is no stanger to quirky patents – and its latest offering dug up by PatentlyApple suggests that Xbox Kinect-like motion sensors could be incorporated into a future iPhone.

The patent consists of a a new 3D GUI concept which shows off 3D objects on a floor with 2D icons on the back and sidewalls. When the iPhone is rotated, the view moves accordingly – rotating the phone clockwise will, for example, 'snap' the view on to the left wall's 2D icons.

Motion sensors would also let you gesture above the surface of your iPhone Kinect-style, for swiping through screens, controlling video and (we expect) playing games – Kinect Fruit Ninja, anyone?

As with many of Apple's patents, this one should be taken with a pinch of salt – and while this GUI's usefulness for a phone is debatable, a docked iPad with gesture controls would be a welcome addition to our lazy lives.

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