Android–packing Archos phone announced

Archos has stepped up and become the latest major player to unveil an Android phone. The Archos 5 sized device will pack Google's OS, offering the sam

The French gadget types are remaining coy about exactly what we can expect, with their people refusing to hand over any pics of the device. However, their official statement points to "the integration of voice" into an internet media tablet, packing similar features to their PMPs and Google's 'telephony stack'.

There'll be HSDPA, full Flash support for web video, HD playback, access to movies and TV wherever you are, a massive 500GB of storage and all in in a superslim 10mm bod'.

All in all, it sounds like one killer device, not dissimilar to Nokia's tablets that we were so find of back in the day. Sadly though, Archos is remaining cryptic about when it'll land and what it'll look like.

Stay tuned for more and look out for our hands–on video of the Archos 5G.