Analogue Nt: a genuine NES housed in a beautiful aluminium shell

Analogue Interactive has re-engineered Nintendo’s classic 1980s console for the 21st century
Analogue Nt: an NES housed in a glorious aluminium shell

What’s this, a new console?Yes – and no. The Analogue Nt is actually a Nintendo NES, but makers Analogue Interactive have squeezed the innards – the same Ricoh 20A3 and 2C02 CPU and GPU used in the original console – into a gorgeous aluminium unibody. Yes, this console is milled from a single block of metal.

So it’s basically a fancy-looking 25-year-old console?There are some modern tech touches too, such as RGB, component and S-Video outputs which’ll give you a much cleaner, sharper picture than the old composite cable of the original NES. Buy an optional HDMI adapter (an extra US$50 upon ordering) and you can even upscale the output to 720p or 1080p.

It also comes with four controller ports, meaning four-player games are available without the need to buy an adapter.

Analogue Nt: an NES housed in a glorious aluminium shell
Analogue Nt: an NES housed in a glorious aluminium shell

And it’ll play all my old NES games?Most definitely. The Nt is region-free and can accommodate both NES and Famicom cartridges, as well as any peripherals for the original consoles – such as the light gun (Duck Hunt!) and the Famicom 3D System.

Sold! How do I get one?You can pre-order an Nt now from Analogue Interactive, with “Summer 2014” listed as the launch date. We’ll warn you though: it isn’t cheap. The base console is US$500 (£295), and things like cables, controllers and different colour finishes (it comes in black, pink, blue and red as well as the basic silver) will cost you extra. Hopefully you've kept your original joypads...