Amazon offering Londoners one-hour delivery with Prime Now service

It's not quite 'now', but it's pretty darned close

Londoners unsatsified with Amazon Prime's next-day delivery service will have a new, even speedier option available to them from today thanks to Prime Now.

Now is the latest addition to Amazon Prime's logistics armament and will enable members to receive packages an hour after checkout. Yes, you heard that correctly. One hour.

For the majority of Londoners that's less time than it takes to travel into the city centre and back again, affording Amazon yet another advantage over the high street.

The London expansion is the first Prime Now service available outside of the US, and for the moment only ten thousand items will be available for special delivery through the Prime Now app. According to Amazon, this slightly less-comprehensive-than-usual list includes everything from high-end electronics to daily essentials.

As you've probably guessed, such a logistical miracle doesn't come free of cost. In order to recieve the sub-hour service, customers must pay a flat rate of £6.99. If this sounds a bit steep, then you'll be glad to know that Amazon will be offering a free, slightly less expedient service with same-day delivery slots between the hours of 8am and midnight.

You can check whether your delivery address is eligible for Now via this link. Don't get your hopes up; our tests seem to indicate that the service is being rolled out in east London to begin with, with a lot of postcodes in zones 1-2 not yet receiving coverage.

Amazon will be expanding the sevice as the year goes on, with an aim to covering all of London, as well as other major UK cities, by the end of 2015.