Amazon Kindle console could be revealed on 2 April

The online retail giant looks set to invade living rooms next week
Amazon Kindle console could be revealed on 2 April

Rumours of an Android-based Amazon console/streaming device have surfaced again, thanks to an invite from the online retail giant for an event on 2 April in which it'll share an update on its video business.

Amazon has been expected to release a streaming device for quite some time, bringing the fight straight to the likes of Apple TV and media streamers like Roku.

The device is expected to be a miniature HDMI dongle, similar to Google Chromecast, but recently leaked pictures of an Amazon games controller suggest that we might have an actual set-top box to look forward to instead. Or perhaps we'll have both.

Amazon Kindle console could be revealed on 2 April

Planting a streaming device in our living rooms will be an effective way for Amazon to push its Lovefilm-powered Prime video service, although other streaming apps like Netflix are also expected to be supported, mirroring the existing Kindle Fire range of tablets.

And as for the gaming side of things? Well, Amazon has already purchased Killer Instinct developer Double Helix as well has putting up job listings for game developers, which pours gasoline on the console rumour flames.

Stay tuned for more info, and all the news after the reveal next week.

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[via Tech Radar]