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Altered Yeast: Dough Globe turns bread into a virtual pet

You can read that title a hundred times and be none the wiser. Just click on through where all will be revealed. Sort of...

Knead for Speed: Bunderground. Red Bread Redemption. Bakémon. All bread-based gaming puns that we’ve come up with for the sole purpose describing this little device – the Dough Globe.

Described as “somewhere between a pet rock and a cat” by Mint Digital creative director Utku Can, the Dough Globe monitors the health of a sourdough culture mix and lets you know how well it’s doing via an on-screen game.

If everything’s on track then your little virtual dough character (Doug) will appear fit and well, and you can even play games with him – controlled by the sourdough. Naturally.

The worse your sourdough mix is, the harder the games will get, and you’ll even be rewarded for high scores with recipes for when the magical baking time actually rolls around.

Does this need to exist? No? Are we glad we live in a world where it does? Yes. Next up – bike-powered Pizza. If you stop pedaling, it won’t cook properly. Any investors?

[MintDigital via LS:N Global]

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