This is (almost definitely) the LG G3

The first leaked shot of LG's upcoming flagship has arrived, and the rear buttons have returned
This is (almost definitely) the LG G3

The first believable photo of the eagerly anticipated LG G3 has appeared courtesy of a GSM Arena tipster, and it confirms that LG is sticking to its rear button guns.

The volume buttons appear to have increased in size, and LG has ditched the raised power button for a larger, flatter round  metal affair which matches the circular camera lens housing above it.

The larger power button should mean that LG newcomers would have less problems initially adjusting to the rear buttons, although the G3's Knock Code tap-to-unlock feature should make up for any initial niggles.

Observant gadgeteers will also notice that there are now two items adjacent to the camera lens. The one on the right appears to be a dual-tone LED flash, similar to the one found in the iPhone 5s and HTC One (M8). This should result in more accurate colours, especially when it comes to skin tones, thanks to a combination of the amber and white LEDs.

The sensor on the left remains a mystery, and the heavy (not to mention pointless) dark filter doesn't help one bit. It could be the long-rumoured fingerprint sensor, or even a heart rate sensor like the one found on the back of the Galaxy S5. Or it could be something completely different. We'll just have to wait and see.

The scribbled notes next to the alleged G3 mention OIS+, meaning that the G3 has the same advanced optical image stabilisation found in the G Pro 2. 16/32GB storage models are also noted, and there are references to both 2GB and 3GB of RAM, which match with previous rumours of separate 1080p and 2K models.

Stay tuned for even more G3 news as and when we get it.

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