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AirPods and other Apple accessories set for USB-C update as well

We didn't USB-C this coming!

Since rolling out the charging connector back in 2012, Apple has been shoving Lightning on to its products left, right, and centre. Recent reports have stated that the 2023 iPhone, presumably the 15, is set for a switch to USB-C. But apparently, that’s not all.

Ming-Chi Kuo, the same analyst that first reported USB-C for iPhone, has now followed up with further information on other Lightning products. Kuo expects that AirPods, Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and the MagSafe battery pack will also switch to USB-C in the foreseeable future.

Kuo boasts an impressive streak of accurate leaks and reports, which bodes well for this new report. It does also make sense for Apple to switch its accessories to USB-C if the iPhone gets the same transition. This move is still pretty surprising, but it does make sense.

However, it remains unclear when in the foreseeable future we can expect USB-C AirPods and other accessories. We are expecting updated AirPods Pro and updated AirPods Max later this year. Since AirPods usually get released alongside the latest iPhone, it seems Apple might be switching AirPods away from Lightning this year. It’s extremely unlikely (impossible) we’ll see the same AirPods models updated the following year. If Apple were to make this transition, 2022 would be the time to do so!

Apple’s intentions to switch to USB-C are still a little unclear. Many have expected we’d see a portless iPhone before a USB-C one, since MagSafe is rolling out to more devices. Pressure from the EU could be behind Apple’s motivation, which doesn’t set the best example going forward.

Regardless of the reason, if Apple transitions all accessories to USB-C, we’ll finally be able to bin (I mean, responsibly recycle) our Lightning cables. Charging speeds will likely shoot up too – further good news! Roll on September and 2023, we say.

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