7Digital goes completely DRM–free

7Digital has always had a warm place in our musical heart here at Stuff Towers. And now they’ve managed to beat Amazon MP3 to the punch and beco

The site has just officially announced that Sony BMG has come on board, adding to the other three majors, Universal, EMI and Warner.

With iTunes only offering EMI tracks without DRM in this country, 7Digital really is taking the fight away from Apple and making it even easier for us to stick tracks on whatever MP3 player we want – be it our phone, iPod or BlackBerry.

Best of all, they’re in celebratory mode, offering certain albums for just £2 a pop and all of Metallica’s back catalogue without copy protection. You can’t say fairer than that.

And foreign readers, don’t feel left out. 7Digital is planning Austrian and Portuguese stores, with a US shop to open by the end of the year.


DRM–free downloads on 7Digital

Price: Albums from £2

On sale: Now

Contact: 7Digital