5 of the best running headphones

Need some beats when your feet are eating up miles of pavement? Pipe 'em through these best-in-class buds

Ultimate Ears 300

£35, ultimateears.com

Bendy ear hooks may look like the Ultimate Ears’ killer feature, but the fabulously detailed and dynamic sound and deep bass is what’ll really get you hooked.

Powerbeats by Dr Dre

£120, beatsbydre.com

Sensing that you might find his massive lug huggers a tricky pill to swallow, the doctor has prescribed these smaller units, to be taken daily along with regular exercise.

Radiopaq Flex

£25, radiopaq.com

Radiopaq’s buds are so light you might forget they’re plugged in. That is, if it wasn’t for the accurate, balanced sound and defined bass they kick out.

Klipsch Image S5i Rugged Headphones

£120, klipsch.com

Equipped with a chunky iDevice controller, Klipsch’s buds are designed for Apple fans on the run (possibly from legions of Android fanboys).

Sennheiser Adidas CX680 Sports

£65, sennheiser.co.uk

There’s nothing worse than seeing an acoustics engineer trying to style it out in the gym. Thankfully Sennheiser saw fit to call on Adidas to camouflage its inner audio geek. The CX680 Sports are the impressive result.