5 of the best new audio gadgets

Here's our pick of the best speakers, amps, headphones and hi-fi's at the Bristol Sound & Vision show 2012. Warning: they don't come cheap

Ming Da MC84-C11 £850

Like the look of Samsung's valve audio dock? Well check out this steam punk-styled beauty from Ming Da. The stereo amp also doubles up as an iPod dock plus there's a USB input and twin analogue inputs and up to 15W per channel stereo performance. Get saving though, this Chromium version will set you back £1000.

Sennheiser HD700 £600

These cans were bopping around at CES but they've got an official outing at the Bristol Sound & Vision show. A step down from Sennheiser's flagship HD800s, the HD700s feature a smaller version of the same driver and should sound great even without a dedicated headphone amp. And they look boss.

Chord Electronics Chordette Index £1000

This compact network music player from another bunch of high-end hi-fi specialists, will grab choons over Wi-Fi from NAS drives, networked computers and USB drives around your pad. Plus there's access to over 10,000 radio stations, remote control apps for your tablet or smartphone – and it looks funky too.

Focal Bird 2.1 music system £700

Hook one of these loudspeakers up to a Power Bird amplifier and subwoofer to get yourself a Focal music system from £700 depending on which package you go for. Via a Kleer dongle, you can play music from your iProducts or connect to your Mac or PC – there's also a 3.5mm jack and three analogue ins.

Rega R6 special edition £840

You're not going to miss this turntable bedecked in the Union Jack in amongst all the sleek black and wood audio wares no doubt littering your living room. It's an extra £40 over the usual price of an R6 but you get to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics (ironically or not) while you party.

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