5 of the best multi-purpose iPhone accessories

The iPhone's the ultimate convergence device – so its accessories should match its multitasking skills. Check out these multipurpose bits of kit

£50, amazon.co.uk

The iPhone may be consigning weighty paper tomes to the history ebooks, but there's no denying that a leather-bound volume has a certain cachet. The Twelve South BookBook case turns your iPhone into a pocket hardback volume – and it lets you do away with your wallet too, with space to store your credit cards and ID.

Twelve South BookBook

£24, firebox.com

Basically a Smart Cover for your iPhone, the TidyTilt uses the same magnetic trickery as the iPad screen protector to give you a folding cover that doubles up as a triangular stand.

Okay, it doesn't automatically send your iPhone to sleep, as the Smart Cover does with the iPad, but it does double up as a handy headphone tidy. And because you have to pop a magnetic sticker on the back of your iPhone, it also lets you mount your phone on your fridge or any other metal surface.

£12, amazon.com

If you're a fan of touchscreen styluses, the Platignum Dual makes twice as much sense. As well as a capacitive stylus, it packs in a ballpoint pen, saving you valuable room in your pockets. Now get scribbling.


US$80, pongresearch.com

As well as providing plenty of protection for your iPhone, the Pong Rugged purportedly protects you – from the radiation that your phone's pumping out.

Whether or not you believe that radiation from mobile phones is frying your brain, the Pong Rugged also claims that it can boost your mobile signal by up to 30 per cent, and extend your iPhone's battery life. Not bad for a case.

£24, amazon.co.uk

This handy accessory lets you line up your iPhone for the perfect photo in all manner of different ways – from propping it up on a surface to attaching it to a full-blown camera tripod.

The Glif+ pack throws in the Ligature keyring loop and the Serif, for keeping your iPhone tightly secured to a tripod mount. The cardboard box even doubles up as a miniature tripod (albeit a flimsy one).

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