5 best karaoke gadgets

Beat Eurovision at its own game with this singalong tech bounty

On Saturday night Oslo plays host to the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, with all the campy fun that goes along with it. So prepare yourself by getting to grips with some of the best karaoke gadgetry beforehand. We’ve made the list – the political voting, tuneless warbling and stupid costumes are up to you!

1. SingStar ABBA (PS3/PS2)


What could be better for a Eurovision warm-up than singing along to the contest’s most famous winners? This edition of the popular PlayStation singalong title is centred on Sweden’s finest, featuring the likes of Money, Money, Money, Dancing Queen and, of course, Waterloo. Don’t forget that you’ll need the microphones as well, mind.


Xbox 360ers can bag this latest version of Microsoft’s own karaoke game (again, they’ll need microphones to play), which lets you wail along to camp classics such as YMCA, Doctor Jones and Love Shack.

£1.20, iTunes App Store

With access to over 30,000 karaoke tracks, this app lets you pick, purchase and download the tunes you want to bellow along to (via Wi-Fi or 3G). It serves up high quality MP3s that can be played back through any hi-fi connected to your iPhone, while the lyrics appear on-screen.


Want to record your friends’ vocal “talents” for posterity? This is an HD pocket videocam with a difference: the Zi8 sports a jack allowing you to rig up an external microphone for excellent audio quality. Add that to 1080p HD footage and you’ve got a winning combo for homemade music videos.



The perfect partner for an iPhone with Karaoke Anywhere, this heavy duty speaker blasts out audio loud enough to fill your living room or patio – and there are even extra inputs for microphones (one of which is included).