5 of the best iPod speaker docks

These five speaker docks represent the zenith of the latest generation

The iPod is nine years old today. Over those nine years, Apple's world-beating music player has spurned a litter of accessories, many of them speaker docks. These five represent the zenith of the latest generation…

Arcam rCube

£500, www.arcam.co.uk

Arcam reckons the rCube is "the world’s best speaker dock” and it certainly looks the part. There’s 90W of power, professional-grade electronics, three separate amps, and built-in Kleer wireless streaming. Oh, and it’s fully portable too, with up to eight hours of on-the-go use.

Audyssey South of Market Audio Dock

£tbc, www.audyssey.com

Sound Freaq Sound Platform

£200, www.soundfreaq.com

The monolithic Sound Platform is engineered to produce accurate sonics and natural-sounding bass from a small box. All mod-cons are present, such as wireless streaming and EQ, but the masterstroke is a downloadable iPad app lets you use Apple’s tablet as a nifty touchscreen remote.

Gear4 AlarmDock Halo

£100, www.gear4.com

Trying out 300 different button combos should be reserved for Tekken, not trying to arrange a wake-up call on a clock radio. Veteran add-on outfit Gear4 to the rescue with this "intelligent" dock that migrates time and alarm settings from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Its built-in sub gives it bottom end that belies its size, while the FM tuner can be operated via your iDevice's screen.

Klipsch iGroove SXT

£130, www.klipsch.com

A top choice if you don’t want to break the bank but still want great sonics pushed into your lugholes, the iGroove SXT serves up a beautifully balanced sound with clean drums and sweet vocals. Its bass isn’t as beefy as some larger, pricier models, but the compact size and solid build balance the scales.

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