5 of the best iPhone 4 cases for fashion week

iPhone 4 cases are just as important as the latest designer clothes, right?  

Case Mate Chrome Barely There case

£20, Case Mate

An iPhone case that doubles up as a mirror is the obvious choice for any discerning fashion-conscious iPhone user. Rather than hiding your phone from bumps and scrapes with chunky camouflage, its minimalist metallic design coats your smartphone without allowing it to lose its identity. And thanks to its mirror screen protector, you'll be able to constantly check you look as good as you did when you left the house.

Twelve South BookBook case

£35, Amazon

Practicality is just as important as good looks. That's where this leather-backed beauty comes in. Not just a stylish storage unit for your beloved iPhone 4, this genuine leather case also doubles as a wallet. If you're not one for added baggage, this pocket-sized vintage book gives you one less thing to remember when walking out the door. Just make sure your money and phone are in there first. Best of all you can fool people into thinking you're really reading a tiny tome titled BookBook. Now that's geek chic.

EXOvault Belt Buckle and Holster case

£190, Etsy.com

If there was ever an iPhone case that screamed 'mug me', the EXOvault Belt Buckle and Holster case is it. Forget flashing neon belt buckles, the next best thing in belt charm chic is this little contraption, that allows you to slot your iPhone into its a brass or aluminium sheath and display it proudly atop your crotch for all to see. As the name suggests it works either as a belt buckle or a pocket holster – a fashionista has to have choices, right? It even comes in a snazzy gift box to ensure your package is worth every penny.

Case Mate Stacks case

£26, Mobile fun

Putting your own stamp on stuff is what being a fashionista is all about. The iPhone 4 leaves little room for customisation, which is what makes the Stacks case ideal. Get customising by stacking six multi-coloured modular pieces into a distinctive design and style that suits you. It's like contemporary art for your iPhone. And if you're not a particular fan of any one colour scheme, there are three colour combinations to play mix and match with.


Proporta Ben Allen Zebra case

£20, Amazon

Animal print clothing has been making fashion statements for years. Why not extend the trend to phone cases? And to make the case even more avant-garde, its described by its artistic creator, Ben Allen, as "a vision of the streets and the wild becoming one" (whatever that means). With a celebrity following including the likes of Stephen Dorf, Richard Branson and Jade Jagger, this is your way to grab a piece of the fashion action without parting with too much cash.

iPhone to be released on 15th October

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