5 of the best bathroom gadgets

From toilets smarter than your laptop to mirrors with Twitter, it’s time to wire up the bathroom. Who said water and electricity don't mix?

Cybertecture Mirror


Mirror, mirror on the wall – what's the weather like in Cincinatti? The Cybertecture Mirror connects you to the world, displaying weather updates, social networking and TV. It even monitors your health. And you can control the smart mirror using your phone via its Wi-Fi connectivity. This should make fighting over the bathroom a whole lot more interesting.

Kohler Numi smart toilet

£3900, Kohler

It might be an expensive way to do away with your doings, but it’s stylish too. That £3,900 price-tag will get you a retractable bidet, heated seat and feet warmers, and touchscreen music library controls. It even cleans itself when you’re done. Probably because it's smart enough to feel shame when you soil it.

H2O Shower Powered Radio


This FM radio sits between the mains pipe and the shower head, so pressurised water charges the battery. That means from the moment you start lathering up, you can be blasted with banging tunes. Just resist the urge to dance too wildly if you like your hips intact.

Withings WiFi Body Scale


The intelligent weighing scale. Hop on board and it wirelessly sends your weight measurements to your phone, tablet or computer. You can share your weight with the world over social media – if that’s your thing – or monitor your weight loss and set goals. With a keen eye on your weight and multiple user recognition, it could make a useful addition to your household.

Case Logic waterproof Kindle case


As dead-tree book fans never tire of pointing out, you can't drop your Kindle into the bath and dry it out on the radiator. Prove them wrong with this waterproof case. Now you have no excuse for not finishing War and Peace, not even being submerged in water – novel.


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