The 3D printed gun has arrived

Get ready for the age of trigger-happy 3D printers – homemade weapons just took a techy turn

It's not often we're terrified by technology. Robots with human manners we can deal with. AR glasses that track our every move sound pretty cool right now. But when someone 3D prints a rifle, we tend to hunker up in our gaming den and lock all the doors.

Gun enthusiast HaveBlue blogged about his 3D printer rifle designs before actually printing the lower half with his Stratasys desktop 3D printer and testing it out. He fired 200 rounds with the .22 pistol and then tried – but failed – to get the plastic receiver to work as a .223 rifle.

HaveBlue's file is still up on Thingiverse for now. We're sure HaveBlue's lovely and all, but the idea that people can just dial up gun parts on a 3D printer is a touch worrying. But probably the future.

[via DVICE]

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