10 things you didn’t know about Android

Google’s new mobile OS is on its way – so what’s all the fuss about? We give you 10 reasons why this will change the face of the mob

Google’s new mobile OS is on its way – so what’s all the fuss about? We give you 10 reasons why this will change the face of the mobile web…

There’s no gPhone There are potentially millions of gPhones. Because Android is a mostly open source programme, it can run on virtually any handset and through any mobile carrier.

It can do anything the iPhone can Just like Apple, Google has launched an SDK kit so that budding developers can mash up their own apps for the OS. Just like the iPhone, it can handle touchscreen, accelerometer, 3D graphics and GPS.

It’ll make fragging fashionable again Forget Super Monkey Ball, you could soon be fragging on the bus. One of the first games to be announced on the Android platform is Quake, in 3D, running at a great speed judging from the previews.

It’ll make someone very rich Apart from the Google guys, there is a $10million prize for the best Android app up for grabs. Beat that, iPhone SDK. The Top 50 have already been announced

It’ll mess with your liver A slew of the new Android apps are social networking tools, souped-up with GPS. Apps such as E-ventr, Social Monster (above) and Commando will let you know how which of your mates are in the area for an ad-hoc booze-up. After which CallACab will locate your nearest cab firm and get you home.

And it’ll make you skint AndroidScan (above) and goKart will allow you to scan barcodes of products and search for deals from nearby retailers, as well as make wishlists to send to your friends. Let the spending spree commence.

It’s a bit Minority Report BioWallet (above) will bring retina-scanning tech to your handset, while FreeFamily Watch lets Daily Mail mums track their Android-toting kids and alert them should they stray into high crime and sex offender areas. Look out, Timmy!

It’ll make you come out of the closet As well as macho pursuits like Quake, Android will tote MyCloset, which lets you manage and plan your wardrobe from your handset, and Cooking Capsules – interactive cooking tutorials – sort of like like having a tiny Nigella in your phone.

It’ll make commuters really mad TuneWiki will not only let you share listening with your mates in real time, but will stream on-screen synchronised lyrics to your tunes, like a mini karaoke system. SquashPlay will help you learn chords to songs using open-source tutorials, playing on a “light panel” using Bluetooth. Cue commuters trying to bite off their own ears.

It’s scaring the big boys The chances of you getting Android depend on which handsets and carriers jump in bed with Google. So far HTC, Motorola and LG have joined the very touchy-feely sounding “Open Handset Alliance”, with T-Mobile as the only UK mobile carrier on board. Some carriers see it as a threat to the “unique” services that they provide at the moment. Watch this space for details of the first Android handset…