Yes, there really is a giant Android robot urinating on the Apple logo in Google Maps

Do not adjust your screens. This is happening

Hear that whimpering? It's probably the sound of an over-zealous intern that's about to have a rather uncomfortable talk with a Google supervisor. Or maybe not.

You see, we don't exactly know who at Google approved a Google Maps easter egg involving a giant Android robot.... relieving itself on a suspiciously familiar-looking piece of fruit, but we can't imagine it'll be up there for long.

It's all too easy to imagine Tim Cook waking up for his 5am run and choking on his multigrain bagel in disgust, and if you want to see it in person then head on over to Google Maps, where the image appears in all its glory in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

It's only present in the traditional map view, and we'd hurry up if we were you. We doubt it'll be up there for very long.

Years from now you'll be telling your grandchildren that you witnessed the Great Shower of 2015 in person, and although they'll probably be too busy lost in their VR contact lenses to care, you can still look over at your framed printout with pride.

[Google Maps via Cult of Android]