These gel-filled earphones mould to the exact shape of your ears, at the press of a button

A perfect fit to keep the commuter natter at bay

There's no need for us to berate bundled smartphone earbuds. The majority of them are awful, and we know that you know that they are too.

The trouble is, finding the right pair of earphones can take a fair amount of trial and error, and while custom-fitted moulded options are available, they're rather pricey and impractical.

Enter the Revols, a new set of earbuds which have just landed on Kickstarter. They've got gel-filled tips which, at the press of a button, mould to the exact contours of your inner ear.

Once that's done, the gel hardens, leaving you with a perfect-fitting pair of buds that should help block out any outside distractions, while staying firmly in place while running.

If you tend to pound pavements near city centres, then the app also lets you choose how much environmental noise is let through, to ensure that you don't unwittingly stray into the path of a runaway rickshaw.

The actual audio tech has been ironed out with Onkyo, so we have high hopes for the sound quality too.

Currently, the cheapest pair you can pre-order on Kickstarter will set you back US$200, with worldwide shipping estimated for July 2016.

[Kickstarter via Pocket-lint]