The Tesla Model S for Kids is exactly what it sounds like

Radio Flyer has a US$500 ride for eco-conscious children

Last week, we dubbed the newly announced Actev Arrow the "Tesla of go-karts," but we might have jumped the gun. Why? Because now there really is a functional Tesla Model S designed for children to cruise around your neighbourhood.

It's the Tesla Model S for Kids, and it hails from Radio Flyer, the company best known for wagons and other manual child rides. But the Model S really is a pint-sized electric car for tykes (aged 3-8), featuring an electric battery that provides about six miles of riding at a top speed of 6mph - in other words, it'll last for about an hour before it needs a charge.

The Tesla Model S for Kids looks just like the real thing, albeit scaled down and with a steering wheel and seat protruding from the top. It also has authentic colours: red multi-coat, deep blue metallic, and midnight silver metallic, with black or silver turbine wheel options available. You can even get an indoor car cover, in case you covet it just like the real thing.

Radio Flyer's Model S also has a front boot compartment for storage, the ability to plug in a phone or music player to run through the speakers, and swappable batteries, with an extended battery (with 50% more juice) offered for purchase. The Tesla Model S for Kids is available for pre-order for US$500, and will ship in May.

While Radio Flyer has the official Model S, the Actev Arrow still has the cooler perks: it has a top speed of 12mph, a modification that allows drifting, and an app that lets you geofence an area of operation. It's a little pricier at US$600, but for older kids who can handle it, the Arrow seems like the more ambitious of the two options here.

Then again, for many of us, the Model S for Kids is the closest we'll come to owning a Tesla anytime soon - at least until the Model 3 is properly released. So there's that to consider too.

[Source: Radio Flyer via The Verge]