Google can stream apps to your phone, without you having to install them

The Big G finds a whole new way to supercharge your search results

Google has announced that it's bringing app streaming to Android smartphones.

The new feature will be part of any searches that you make, with the aim of providing more useful information.

Searching for a hotel room, for example, can let you stream the full Hotel Tonight app, letting you use it with all the full functionality you'd receive from its natively installed version.

You can, of course, choose to install any apps you're streaming, which is recommended if you're going to use it often, or won't always have a solid Wi-Fi connection.

Search already uses certain installed apps to bring up relevant information, such as providing an actor's biography from the IMDB app, and this new streaming feature takes its usefulness one step further.

Only a handful of apps support both of these search features, but seeing as Google has been indexing app content for a whole two years, we expect the number of supported apps to increase fairly quickly.