First Star Trek Beyond trailer amps up the frenetic action

It's not exactly what many fans were looking for, if reactions are any indication

Sure, it's Star Wars: The Force Awakens week, and that's all most of us are thinking about anymore - but Star Trek already did the film revival thing a few years back and with Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams at the helm.

In fact, the first trailer for Star Trek Beyond, the third of the rebooted flicks, was supposed to debut alongside The Force Awakens in cinemas this week, but an early leak forced Paramount's hand earlier today. What you're seeing below is thankfully the official version.

Notice anything different about Beyond? Die-hard fans do, and many are not terribly pleased so far. Unlike the two previous entries, Star Trek Beyond is directed by Justin Lin, the man who turned the Fast & Furious series into the juggernaut it is today (Abrams departed to go do Star Wars; he's still producing Beyond). And as a fair bit of online criticism points out, Star Trek looks a lot more... well, fast and furious in this clip.

Then again, after the last two films, anyone expecting a quieter sci-fi tale from this version of Star Trek was sure to be disappointed. As the trailer shows, the returning crew led by Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto finds itself on an unknown planet without a proper ship or a full crew. Chaos ensues, naturally, and while you might hear the voice of Idris Elba in there as a villain, he's difficult to spot with a liberal coating of makeup and prosthetics.

In any case, we think the Beyond trailer will look quite nice on the big screen with The Force Awakens this week, but it's there above if you'd like to watch it now. Star Trek Beyond is due out on 22 July in North America, with a European release sure to be right around there, and a fourth film is planned for 2019. Meanwhile, a new Star Trek TV series will debut in 2017.

[Source: YouTube]