Withings Steel HR Sport could help you shed the post-summer flab

GPS and VO2 Max come as standard
18 September 2018 / 12:20BST

Ice cream season is on its way out, which has got to be good news for our waistlines. If you’re looking to shed that spare tyre you somehow acquired over the summer, the Withings Steel HR Sport (£189.95, out now) can help. It packs heart rate monitoring, GPS and VO2 Max to help motivate you to get off the sofa, and the 25-day battery life will mean you only need charge it about once a month. It’s the first new product since Withings was bought back from Nokia (where it was known as Nokia Health) by its original founder. There’s also a sub-dial to show at-a-glance your progress towards your daily step goal. So strap it on and get running! Just try and avoid the ice cream vans…