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Uunn is the health tracker for your teeth

Keep those pearly whites pearly white

Teeth have many enemies. Fizzy drinks, tin foil and Werther’s Originals will all set alarm bells ringing for those 32 little chunks of enamel (28 if you’ve had your wisdom teeth out), but one of their oldest adversaries is plaque. Brushing is your best defence but if you want to know who’s winning the war, Uunn‘s health tracker for your teeth will give you a full sitrep. Strap it over your phone’s camera, stick it in your mouth and it’ll take three photos, which the app will analyse using Uunn’s plaque-seeking algorithm. It’ll then offer tips on how to brush better in the hope of helping you avoid a trip to your teeth’s biggest enemy of all: the dentist. There’s no pricing info available yet but it’s expected to be available early next year. In the meantime, lay off the sweets, eh?