These smart glasses aim to solve your procrastination problem

The solution we’ve all been searching for
03 September 2020 / 9:00BST

Auctify has just offered a remedy to the most pervasive of millennial ailments - procrastination, with a pair of smart glasses that track your productivity and alert you when your mind wanders. The Specs have an in-built camera to identify what you’re looking at, Black Mirror-style, though hopefully in a less dystopian and more productive manner. A companion app analyses the camera’s data before arranging your distractions and misdeeds into colourful pie charts you can show your friends. Depending on your level of masochism, you can also set aside dedicated ‘focus time’, while simultaneously measuring how much precious time you’ve been wasting on this earth. A built-in LED and bone conduction speakers provide helpfully annoying preventative methods to keep you straying too far from your mundane inbox tasks, with fitness-tracking smarts thrown in for good measure. If you fancy a distraction right now, feel free to order one from £186 on Indiegogo.