Snapchat Spectacles 3 bring a second HD camera for 3D effects

And they’re not a total crime against fashion
13 August 2019 / 17:21BST

The limited-edition specs swap plastic for steel with the familiar round lenses available in carbon or mineral; so that’s black or gold to us. Tap either button to video up to 60 seconds or press and hold for a still, a little LED will show to signify filming has commenced. Sync the glasses to your smartphone, edit as you see fit, and fire content across Snapchat or export them to upload to other platforms. What stands this pair apart is that second camera which enables depth sensing, and the new suite of 3D effects should spice things up, plus third-party developers will be able to design unique depth effects later this year. A single charge, which takes one hour, will allow for recording about 70 videos and 4x the number of photos according to Snap. Sound should see a boost with 4 microphones, and they’re also twice as expensive as their predecessor at £330 and shipping later this year, which could get you two pairs of genuine Ray-Bans. Safer option sure, but not if you want to reign supreme as a highfaluting gadget empress/emperor.