Oppo's brand new smartwatch looks more than a little bit familiar

The great pretender
06 March 2020 / 19:11GMT

Oppo today officially announced its first smartwatch, predictably called the Oppo Watch, and it's impossible not to immediately draw comparisons with the Apple Watch. Much like its Cupertino counterpart, the Oppo Watch features a rounded square face, smooth matt strap, and even a rather familiar UI. Imitation, of course, is the sincerest form of flattery, and Oppo is likely hoping consumers will view its watch - which will work with Android devices - as a cheap alternative to Apple's premium timepiece. The 46mm watch features a 1.91in AMOLED display with a 402x473 resolution, and it sounds like it'll do everything you'd expect a smartwatch to do. It's water-resistant to 50 meters, can monitor your heart rate, and Oppo says it'll last you 40 hours between charges. No word on a UK launch yet, but it'll cost 1,499 yuan (around £165) when it launches in China on March 24.