The Misfit Path is a slim fit smartwatch that won't weigh down your wrist

Looks simple but hides plenty of fitness-friendly features
10 January 2018 / 0:13GMT

If you had skinny wrists last year, it didn't matter if you liked wearing a smartwatch that's easily mistaken for an ASBO bracelet or not: pretty much everything on offer would look huge once you'd strapped it on. Not cool - but now Misfit has a shrunken smartwatch that won't look ridiculous. The Path is as deceptively simple as the rest of Misfit's hybrid watches, with analogue hands up top and the knowhow to track your step count, burned calories and distance travelled underneath. Familiar smart buttons at the side let you control music playback on your phone, or snap a photo, and the whole thing is waterproof so you can take it swimming, or to the shower after a workout. The built-in watch battery is good for six months of charge, too. It'll be on sale in the next few months for around US$150.