K-Swiss just unveiled the world's first esports performance shoe

If the shoe fits
18 July 2019 / 15:01BST

K-Swiss has answered the prayers of professional gamers everywhere by designing a pair of esports performance shoes called the 'One-Tap' ($125). Created to specifically fulfil the needs of the world's best gamers, the One-Taps feature a soft and flexible engineered mesh upper with an elasticated closure for a snug fit. The trainers' slip-on construction means they can also work as a sneaker or a slide-on, while a foldable heel can be tucked in to give them a cushy slipper-like feel perfect for those lengthy practise sessions and matches. The icing on the cake, however, is the One-Tap's temperature control system, which uses a 'Flow Cool' TPU venting unit placed in the sole of the shoe to deliver maximum breathability and comfort. Honestly, who knew success in the esports arena hinged on finding the right pair of shoes? I certainly didn't. Although it does raise the question: if the wrong trainers can distract players during crucial million-dollar matches, why wear them at all? Riddle me that, dear reader.