Huawei’s smart glasses are a Bluetooth headset for your eyes

And they won't make you look like a robot
26 March 2019 / 17:01GMT

Whatever happened to Bluetooth headsets, eh? Once the go-to mobile accessory for cabbies and self-important businessmen, you just don’t see the ostentatious earwear anymore. But 2019 could be the year Huawei reincarnates them in the form of these smart glasses. Made in collaboration with Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster, they have dual mics and a speaker built into the arm, so you can tap the temple to answer calls or summon your phone’s voice assistant. There’s no camera, so you can keep hold of your Snapchat Spectacles as well, but they are IP67 dust- and water-resistant, plus they come with a 2200mAh charging case. There's no word on pricing yet but several different styles are expected to go on sale the summer.