To help celebrate Pride, Apple Watch Pride Edition puts a rainbow on your wrist

Wear your watch with Pride
19 May 2020 / 15:10BST

Pride month kicks off in June, albeit under unusual circumstances due to coronavirus. But just because many events are now being held virtually, that doesn’t mean you can’t outwardly show your support. One way is via Apple’s Pride Edition Sport Band (£49), which puts a rainbow right on your wrist. As ever, Apple’s attention to detail is evident: the company says the band is “assembled by hand from individual strips of coloured fluoroelastomer”, which are “machine die-cut and compression moulded together”. The process creates variations which — suitably for Pride — results in each band being unique, thereby mirroring the diversity of those wearing them. Grab watchOS 6.2.5, and you can take things further with new Pride faces, one of which makes the coloured stripes look like a seamless loop through the hardware itself. More into Nike’s holey straps? You’re sorted there, too, with the company’s subtle take on the rainbow that neatly places its colours inside the strap’s holes.