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Garmin’s Venu 2 watch can tell you how old your body really is

New watch, Venu you

Garmin has pretty much got a sports watch for every occasion, but if you’re looking for a genuine all-rounder its new Venu 2 (£349.99) looks like a pretty solid bet. It comes in two sizes, the 45mm Venu 2 (left) and 40mm 2S (right), and while the designs are different the watches are pretty much identical inside. Armed with the usual suite of sensors it’ll measure things like your heart rate, SPO2, respiration and stress, and track over 25 built-in sports on the AMOLED touchscreen, including HIIT, indoor climbing and hiking. Garmin has improved the sleep tracking and can now use data from the sensors to provide you with a ‘fitness age’, so you can find out if you’re living in the body of a 19- or 99-year-old, plus there’s also the usual phone notifications, contactless payments, and support for offline music from Spotify, Amazon and Deezer. The 2S’s smaller case seems to mean there’s not as much room for a battery, because it’ll do 10 days rather than the Venu 2’s 11 in smartwatch mode, and seven hours compared to eight in GPS + music mode. Pick one up now and find out how old you really are.