Garmin’s latest fitness tracker will last longer than your New Year’s resolutions

An entire year of juice will help you ditch that extra Christmas weight in no time
02 January 2018 / 13:00GMT

Can you feel it? That magic in the air. It’s all 2018, baby. This is gonna be the year you finally complete that couch-to-5K routine, reign supreme at Sunday League footie and conquer Everest. And Garmin’s new Vivofit 4 fitness has the stamina to carry you through these achievements with a year’s worth of battery life. As well as lasting for more than 365 days, the Vivofit 4 features an always-on colour display, is water-resistant for swimming and showers, and can hook up to your smartphone for additional smarts such as sleep tracking. It’s a proper steal for just £70. Especially if all your resolutions end up falling through by the time January is over.