Fitbit's latest wearable sticks a heart rate tracker in a tiny shell

Pulse-taking power that’s slimmer than a stethoscope
06 March 2017 / 8:00GMT

Sometimes life is a little like listening to the dead air between an album’s last song and the hidden track. At least you’re doing something, even if nothing is currently happening. And there’s the promise of an event, at some point, if you can just hold it together for a while longer. There are, however, aspects of life you can control, using technology, and one of those is activity. For a marginal price bump to £130, Fitbit’s reasonably minimalist Alta tracker just got a huge usefulness upgrade in the form of an optical heart-rate sensor which makes data such as calorie burn much more accurate. Everything is still ultimately pointless, of course, but it passes the time.


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