Fashion and e-readers combine (no, really) for Sony’s FES Watch U

The times they are a-changin
30 August 2018 / 17:15BST

Why settle for one watch when you can have hundreds in a single device? That appears to the be premise behind the FES Watch U. While the smartwatches do battle over who has the nicest OLED, Sony has fitted both the face and strap of its fashion-focused wearable with e-Paper. Press a button on the side and the watch will cycle through an assortment of funky designs. Users can create their own and make them downloadable via the companion app, so you’ll never be short of customisation options. Sony is also working with designers to add more to the 100 pre-loaded out of the box. The Fes Watch U features a narrow frame with a stainless-steel case and buckle. It’s minimalist, but we briefly tried one on and didn’t want to take it off. It’ll be available in September, with the silver model priced at £529 and the black model £699.