LG’s rollable Signature OLED R TV is finally available to buy, and it’s a bargain

Pocket change
31 March 2021 / 17:51BST

LG’s rollable TV was one of those CES reveals that stuns the world and then never actually makes it to shelves. Or so we thought. As of today, the LG Signature OLED R is available to buy in the UK. The showpiece is, of course, the 65in flexible OLED display, that has been created from one sheet of glass and rolls up so it’s entirely out of sight when not in use, or halfway should you want some smart features viewable. According to LG, each rollable gogglebox is ‘produced to order, painstakingly assembled and finished with a craftsman-like attention to detail’. It’s certainly innovative, and a world first, so you’re probably wondering what the damage is going to be. Oh just £99,999. And no, there’s no typo in there. All five nines in their correct positions. If you’ve got a spare £100k in your back pocket and want the coolest telly in town, LG is taking orders now. And lend us a tenner, yeah?