Smartibot is an AI-enabled robot you build yourself, out of card – or a potato

06 July 2018 / 11:58BST

A future filled with robots would be less terrifying if they were all like Smartibot (£35). This grinning android starts life as a flat-pack cardboard kit. Put Smartibot together and it trundles about, directed by an app. Or your phone can become its brain, at which point Smartibot uses “the latest AI” to respond to objects – and an elastic band to stop said brains inconveniently falling off. Two further robots – a unicorn and (given that this is a British invention) Teabot – can be constructed from what’s in the box. But Smartibot’s guts can be used to make robots from pretty much anything – including toys or the contents of your fridge. With 14 motors, Smartibot can transform a remote-controlled car into an autonomous vehicle, or your groceries into a deranged vegetable parody of The Terminator. “I’ll be snack.”

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