Robosen T9 is an auto-transforming robot you can boss about, just like you’re Optimus Prime

Education in disguise
12 March 2019 / 10:00GMT

If you’ve ever messed around with transforming robot toys, and figured things would be a lot less hassle if they did the transforming themselves, take a look at T9 ($269, shipping in June). This shiny ’bot starts out as a car you can drive around using an app. But holler at T9 to transform, and it turns into a robot. It’s then ready for further orders, such as performing endless push-ups to impress its robot mates, or dancing like John Travolta if you decide to go all disco with the various programming options. The unit’s reportedly made from aerospace grade material, and there are loads of nice details – such as the recoil and shooty sound effects when T9 uses its ‘machine gun’ to blast a terrified pet that’s abruptly been branded an evil Decepticon.

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