The PowerUp Dart kit turns a piece of paper into a death-defying stunt plane

Do a barrel roll!
25 September 2017 / 12:49BST

Paper aeroplanes, in our experience, are great until you actually throw them. All that effort, the precise folding, just to see your masterpiece of engineering nosedive pathetically into the carpet. It’s a problem Kickstarter stalwart PowerUp set out to fix with its first app-controlled dart, and its latest project is proving just as popular. The PowerUp Dart conversion kit (from $37) can be attached to any plane your imagination can design. Once airborne (simply hold accelerate after pairing), you’ll be pulling off wingovers, lazy 8s and loops in no time through a combination of tilt and on-screen controls. A 25 minute charge gives you a decent 10 minutes of flight time, so if you’re committed you can spend most of Christmas Day annoying the family.

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