HP wants to help you make memories that last with the Sprocket Select portable printer

A Sprocket for your pocket
02 March 2020 / 16:15GMT

Do you know what's better than making digital memories? Making real ones that won't vanish when our social media overlords go kaput. That seems to be the inspiration behind the Sprocket Select (£119), the new instant photo printer from HP. Designed for smartphones, the portable Select can churn out high-quality, wallet-sized prints (2.3in x 3.4in) in a snap - all of which can be customised beforehand with stickers and frames. The compatible Sprocket app has also been updated to allow for printing straight from social media, and can also be used to edit photos with filters or combine multiple images into a lovely collage. Oh, and if you're worried about burdening the enrivonment with yet more paper-crunching tech, you'll be pleased to hear the Select has been built with over 50 percent recycled plastic and uses recyclable ZINK paper for its prints.

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