DJI celebrates Chinese New Year with vibrant Phantom 4 drone

Year of the Rooster gets a very different breed of bird
26 February 2017 / 9:00GMT

We love DJI’s Phantom 4 drone – in fact, we awarded it a full five stars in our review – but its standard white livery isn’t the most exciting of looks. The same can’t be said for this special edition, however, with its blazing, colour-rich design likely to stand out like a sore thumb against cloudy British skies. Fresh from the drawing board of noted designed Martin Sati, it was created to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which took place on 28 January. And despite the incoming 12-month stretch being the Year of the Rooster, Sati and DJI have picked another bird to emblazon on this quadcopter: the phoenix, traditional Chinese symbol of happiness and good fortune. Speaking of fortunes, it doesn’t cost one to obtain the Phantom 4 Chinese New Year Edition. It’s available for £1299, although sadly not in the UK; you'll have to head over to China to get one.

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