Cozmo is a robo pal that really, really wants to get to know you

Play, play, play again
06 June 2017 / 4:00BST

Most people play it cool on first meeting. You know, exchanging names, shaking hands. Not Cozmo, though: this hamster-sized animatronic toy from Anki will learn your name, your playing habits and your face. Heck, it’ll even recognise your pooch’s mug. Cozmo’s keen, then, but at least he’s brought along his own toys, in the shape of stackable Power Cubes. When it’s time for a rest, Coz’ can explore on his own, too, before some more app-controlled hijinks. Already a hit in the US, it’s available to pre-order in the UK today for £200. And, for truly committed sorts, there’s a special liquid metal finish edition.

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